Frugal Things I Did Last Week

21 Jan
This picture does not even begin to do justice to the GORGEOUS sunset we watched last week.

This picture does not even begin to do justice to the GORGEOUS sunset we watched the last week.

This week has been a tiring one.  I was up most of the night at the beginning of the week with Elijah (sick) and it took me days to recover.  Still I am thankful the week wasn’t a complete wash.  

My son drank something he shouldn’t in the middle of the night.  Before we took off for the ER I called the Poison Control (1-800-222-1222) and learned that it wouldn’t hurt him he would just throw up.  He did throw up quite a bunch but at least we avoided a trip to the ER.  He might have caught something worse and it was much more pleasant to care for him at our home.  I highly recommend putting poison control’s number in your phone and on your fridge.

The hubby & I went to a free seminar to hear Wayne Grudem speak.  We had a WONDERFUL time.  Afterwards we went to Starbucks and used a gift card I had received for being a guest teacher at Boyce College last year.  The hubby and I also went to a thrift shop together.  What a sweetheart!  😉

I made homemade Kombucha.  I actually make at least one batch of this every week but have forgotten to mention it.  🙂

I received a $25 gift certificate to Red Lobster after writing them a letter about an unpleasant experience we had.  (The food was awful.)  The hubby & I will have a great frugal date night in a couple of weeks.

I try to make one nicer type of dinner each week that I know the hubby will absolutely love.  😉  This week I made Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta.  It was delicious.  If you try it you may want to use a little less lemon.

I did not go to a regular grocery store this week.  (I’m trying so hard to switch to buying groceries only every other week.)  We just purchased some milk at the gas station.

I changed the furnace filter.  This really helps the furnace to run properly and save energy costs.  I also vacuumed all of our vents to make sure they were nice and clean.

My mom & I attended an estate sale together.  It was lots of fun!  I spent just 9.00 and came home with 20 patterns, tons of sewing notions, and a rake (for the garden).

I renewed library books & movies on-line to avoid a hefty fine.

We played outside a lot on the church’s playground (we live next door).   I also took a bunch of pictures while Elijah was playing.

I borrowed my mom’s carpet shampoo machine and cleaned all of the rugs in our home.  We have hardwood floors but LOVE rugs.  🙂  I saved $30 by not renting one.

I ordered a free subscription to Better Homes & Gardens.

I cut my son’s hair.  He wouldn’t let me trim around the ears so my mom was kind enough to help me out.

What frugal activities did you do last week?  


One Response to “Frugal Things I Did Last Week”

  1. foodaddictionrecovery January 26, 2013 at 3:27 am #

    I am making my first attempt at kombucha! Well, the scoby part anyway!

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