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Big News

22 Nov


This picture was taken after I heard Brandon preach for the very first time. I was totally blown away by his incredible preaching. God has truly blessed him. He is going to be a great pastor.

If you follow the blog regularly you have probably noticed it has been pretty quiet.  That is because we have been preparing for a big exciting change in our life.  WE ARE MOVING!!!  🙂  Brandon has accepted the call to pastor a church in NKY.  In just a few short weeks we will be moving.

Please keep us in your prayers as this is an incredible busy season for us.  We are very excited for what God has in store but will also miss many of the sweet friendships we have been blessed with here.  We have some very dear friends in Central KY whom we will miss dearly, not to mention our wonderful church.  If you are local to us I would love to hang out with you before we move.  🙂

Hope that all of you are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving week reflecting all of the great blessings God has given us!


October Reads

8 Nov

A few of my reads for October.

With the holidays fast approaching I find myself spending less time reading actual books and more time browsing through sewing and craft books as this book list shows.  🙂   

Putting Food By: by Janet Greene- I had a great time skimming through this book on preserving food.  Over the past month or so I have made some jelly, applesauce, canned apples, and apple butter.  This book was great but not one that I would actually sit down and read cover to cover.  It contains lots of canning recipes and is really more of a reference.  Since my mom does own it, I will probably skim through it every year or reference as needed.   

Crisis of Caring by Jerry Bridges- I have never been disappointed by any of Jerry Bridge’s writings.  He has challenged me deeply and helped me to look at an aspect of my Christian walk in a different life.  This book does not disappoint.  It does an excellent job of discussing what true Biblical Fellowship really looks like.  My small group at church has really been thinking through what true fellowship looks like over the past couple of months.  Far too often Christians think that fellowship involves just talking with another Christian or going to a potluck.  True biblical fellowship is so much more.  I strongly recommend this book for any believer who desires to experience Christian fellowship in their life.

The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer- This book is so adorable and yet challenging in many ways.  I have heard it said that just as many people were won to Christ by Mrs. Schaeffer’s cinnamon rolls as by Mr. Schaeffer’s sermon.  After reading this book I was so inspired at how God has indeed used Mrs. Schaeffer’s life and home for His glory.  (The Schaeffer’s founded a wonderful ministry called L’Abri in Europe.)  As I read her book I felt as though I had found a wise, godly women’s feet to sit at and learn.  Throughout the book I felt encouraged in my walk with the Lord and spurred on to greater creativity in making my home a place to serve God.

Created for Commitment by Wetherell Johnson-This book tells the remarkable story of the life of Wetherell Johnson the founder of Bible Study Fellowship.  I have only been a part of BSF for a few months but already it has been an incredible blessing in my life.  As I read through the book it was wonderful to read how God mightily used her.  What began as a Bible Study for 5 young ladies years ago has morphed today into a Bible Study organization which has thousands upon thousands of people involved.  To find out more about BSF in your area click here.

Sew Up a Home Makeover by Lexie Barnes: I found myself bookmarking page after page of ideas in this book to work on after Christmas.  The book is very thorough and includes ideas for updating every room of your house.  Instructions on how to sew a slip cover for your couch are also included which I personally found intriguing.  (Please note that this is not exactly a beginning sewing book.  There are instructions included but I think a beginning seamstress might have a little difficulty with the lack of sewing diagrams.)  Hopefully I will have a chance to sew up a sewing machine cover in the next month of so.  The book makes it look so simple I can’t believe I have yet to make one.

Stitch by Stitch by Deborah Moebes.  This attractive sewing book is perfect for the beginning sewer but even as an experienced seamstress I found myself learning a couple of things.  It is packed full of instructions, photos, and explanations.  It includes 11 fun projects which each build on the skills of the one before.  All of the patterns are included on a CD which means that you can request this book from your local library like I did.  🙂  I didn’t actually make any of the projects in the book since Elijah has had a bad ear infection the last 2 weeks but they look great.

I’m always looking for great book suggestions.  Do you have a favorite book to recommend? 

Fall Tree Hand Print Pictures

1 Nov

Look at the excitement on this boy's face.


I finally broke down and joined Pintrest a couple of weeks ago.  When I came across this Kid Craft I just knew that it would be perfect for Eli to do.  Our version was slightly different from the one on Pintrest and so much fun to make.  🙂


Love the grin on his face in this picture. How I wish I could have video recorded Eli making this craft. He giggled with delight.


Action Shot


After we stamped Eli's hand on the poster I cleaned him up. (I recommend lots of baby wipes on hand.) Then he had a wonderful time making the leaf dots with his fingers.


That face makes it worth all the mess. What a fun memory to make with Elijah.


So proud of his handiwork.


This craft had to be one of my favorite activities. we have done this fall.  I was so thankful we were able to do it before the weather got super cold.  (Although I would encourage you to be adventurous and cover your kitchen table with lots of newspapers or an old sheet.  It was really that great.)  We did make a couple of extras to send to the grandparents.  I hope they really enjoyed them!  One also adorns our mantle and is headed to the memory box once Christmas comes.