Frugal Things I Did This Week

21 Aug

I embroidered the above design onto a piece of plain fabric in order to give it a little more pizzazz. I think it also makes it more special don’t you?

  • Brandon and I went on an overnight for one night this past week.  It was wonderful!  Not necessarily the most frugal thing we did but we did save up for it and pay CASH so we should get some credit right?  😉
  • I made homemade pasta salad and zucchini bread for our church banquet rather than picking something up at the store.  I had such a lovely time at our church’s GROW banquet.  🙂
  • I sewed half of a historical Colonial American era costume.  I made the chemise (undergarment like a nightgown) and the draw string skirt.  I altered two patterns (to make them period correct) that I had purchased for .99 each rather than spend $32 on a special patterns.  I didn’t complete the costume because my brother came home from Kuwait and his welcome home was during the re-enactment.   What a wonderful reason not to complete a project.  😉  I won’t be re-enacting this year but look forward to attending next year.
  • Eli and I gathered a few vegetables from our garden and ate them rather than purchasing vegetables at the store or farmer’s market.  They tasted absolutely wonderful.  There is just something about growing your own food that feels great!  We also got an excellent workout while weeding.  😉
  • Helped my sister Katelyn sew a nightgown.  I’m adding this to the list because it was a frugal yet fun activity to do together.
  • Finished teaching a summer Algebra refresher course to a tutoring student.
  • Cleaned my home with natural cleansers.  For more on how I clean my home visit this post.
  • Ordered 75 sewing needles for $15 which makes them $0.20 each from Newark Dressmaker Supply.  If I had purchased the needles from Hancock’s or JoAnn’s I would have paid around 3.50 for 5 needles making each needle cost 0.70.  For each needle I use from Newark I save 0.50.  🙂  Just so you know these needles have to be purchased in increments of 25.  I would imagine that I won’t be purchasing needles for at least a year or maybe two!  🙂  It is important to change your needle often when sewing.  Experts disagree on exactly how often a needle should be changed.  I usually change my needle after sewing one large project or two small projects.
  • I took along a cooler this past weekend while I went on a trip.  This allowed me to have plenty of cool drinks without having to purchase expensive drinks at a gas station or vending machine.  It is also really handy.
  • I embroidered the front of a gift while waiting for my brother’s returning home (from Kuwait) ceremony to begin.  The soldiers were delayed about 1.5 hours so this was a great way to use my time and really adds a nice touch to the gift.  (I’ll be blogging about this in a couple of weeks when it is finished.)  This is my first time to embroider something I will also be sewing so we’ll see how it turns out.  🙂
  •  Purchased 5 Simplicity patterns for 1.00 each verses the 10.00 each or more they usually cost.  Although many would say that sewing is not frugal it can be if you follow sales and are not wasteful with materials.
  • Visited an Amish salvage grocery store and bought two bags of goodies.
  • I carpool with my sister in order to save gas money.
  • Purchased a pair of Osh-Kosh dress shoes for Elijah for 1.00 at a yard sale.
  • I received a refund check for an awful stay at a hotel last month.  I had written a letter about the deplorable conditions.
  • Accepted a bag of clothes from my sister to re-purpose into other things.  This is one area that I would like to become more proficient in within the next couple of months.
  • I resisted the urge to purchase 2 new piano books.  Instead I got out all of my sacred piano books and added post-it notes to about 10 songs I want to learn in the next 2 months.  Sometimes you don’t realize how much you already have until you look for it.

What sorts of frugal things did you do this week? 



2 Responses to “Frugal Things I Did This Week”

  1. Susie September 8, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    I love your comment about not realizing what you have until you look for it. Thanks for the inspiration. : )

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