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Sidewalk Chalk Painting

21 Jun

Eli and cousin Anna had a great time “painting the porch”.


One of Eli’s favorite new summer activities is what he calls painting the porch.  I found this recipe for Sidewalk Chalk Paint on Pintrest.  It is so simple you must try it with your kids.  😉  I have also found that it keeps kids occupied for a long time!

Eli was in awe of the paint.

We have been making sidewalk chalk paint about once a week and usually 1/2 the original recipe and make it as follows.  Combine: 1/2 c. cornstarch, 1/2 c. water, and food coloring.  (I usually split the cornstarch/water mix in two cups so that Eli has 2 colors to paint with.)

Yeah mom this chalk paint rocks.


While the kids painted the porch I had a lovely time writing a letter to a friend and reading a book.


Cousin Anna enjoying her chalk paint.

Sidewalk chalk paint was a huge hit at our house.  What a great way to bless the little people in your life!