10 Goals For This Week

7 Aug
This week I am focusing on spending time with my favorite 3 year old!

This week I am focusing on spending time with my favorite 3-year-old!


Our family just got back from spending the weekend in Dallas, TX celebrating Meme’s 90th birthday!  We had an absolute blast but it is good to be home.  My main goal for this upcoming week is to spend time with Elijah.  I feel like I have hardly spent any alone time with him in the past week.  

This Week’s Goals:

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals

1.  Be intentional each day to spend quality time with Elijah reading and playing together.

2.  Take some photos of Elijah playing.

3.  Work on planning an overnight for Brandon & I in the next couple weeks.

Personal Goals

4.  Spend four days working on my new Bible Study The Son of David.  

5.  Finish reading Clutterbusting and Breastfeeding Naturally.  Begin reading The Hero’s Lot.

Homemaking Goals

6.  Have Eli’s new dresser moved from the basement to the upstairs.

7.  Spend two mornings working in the garden weeding and harvesting vegetables.

8.   Sew at least one newborn cloth diaper cover.

Ministry Goals

9.  Attend a cookout at a friend’s house.

10.  Make a salty snack for our church back to school bash on Wednesday night.

What are your goals this week?   



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