Frugal Things I Did Last Week

21 Jul
I grew this sunflower right outside our front porch.

I grew this sunflower right outside our front porch.

This past week I decided to bring some of the beautiful sunflowers indoors.  I can’t remember the exact name but I do think they were purchased from Renee’s Garden.  Now if I can only stop Eli from picking them for me!  We won’t have any left in another week or two.

I attended two non-consecutive days of the KY State Horse Show this past week.  My brother Jacob and sister Rebekah both showed at the show on different days.  I got up early and drove down rather than spending the night in a hotel.  I also packed lunch one day and a cooler of snacks both days.  I took a small soft sided cooler that I was able to carry up into the stands with us.  I also rode with my family in order to save on gas.

Elijah and I went to the splash park with my aunt and cousin.  We purchased a season pass at the beginning of the summer so the cost is minimal.  We took a cooler of snacks and drinks along.  Do you see a trend yet?  🙂

We also met friends on another day at the local park and had a picnic.  I had a wonderful time catching up with a good friend.

We had the tires on Brandon’s car rotated.  Not only does this save money in the long run but it is much safer.  We rotate our tires every 5,000 miles.  Our local tire store Tire Discounters guarantees that your tires will last for a certain amount of miles if they are rotated every 5,000 miles or they will give you money off your next tire purchase.  We had this happen with our Saturn and they did make good on their promise.

On Wednesday I had a good friend over for brunch.  We often meet to go walking but it is getting hot outside.  I served a simple French Toast Bake, fresh fruit salad, and homemade Starbucks.  It was wonderful to spend time with her.  Elijah simply played while we visited and neither one of us went home with a large bill from having gone to a restaurant.

On Friday night we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center.  We had to pay $4 for parking but we received free entrance to all 3 museums.  The museum center offers free admission once a month in the summer.  It was great!  It would have cost us $34 for just the 3 of us.

The family and I went to the library on Saturday morning together.


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