May and June Reads

29 Jun
Almost all of these books were read while on vacation.

Almost all of these books were read while on vacation.

The past two months have been busy!  A lot of my reading time has been given to gardening and other summer activities.  I still managed to read a few though.  Most of my reading the past two months took place on 2 of the vacations I went on.  🙂  I’ve also been able to sneak a little reading in on rainy days.  

Glimpses of Grace by Gloria Furman: Furman is the mother of four young children and is currently the wife of a church planter in Dubai.  This book was a wonderful read for my heart especially for my current stage of life.  This book encourages all mothers to see the reality of God’s grace in our everyday life (especially in the areas that seem unimportant).  I was encouraged and challenged throughout the book.  Just yesterday I found myself frustrated with a discipline issue with my son.  Then the Lord brought to mind something that she had said in her book.  I am thankful for this book and look forward to reading her forth-coming book next year.

Adoring Addie by Leslie Gould: This was my first novel to enjoy by Ms. Gould.  This is an Amish fiction book which I did enjoy despite some of the unrealistic liberties that the author takes throughout the book.  Adoring Addie is in some ways a modern-day Romeo & Juliet.  

Go Green, Save Green by Nancy Sleeth:  I found this book to be very insightful.  Not only is it a book about saving money but the book is about doing all that we can to go green.  The book did include many money-saving ideas and challenged me to think differently about saving energy.  I have also read Sleeth’s book Almost Amish and would recommend that book as well.

Though Waters Roar and Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin:  I really enjoyed both of these books by Lynn Austin.  Austin is quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors.  I’m hoping our library has a few more of her books.  🙂

Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman: This book is written by an American mother who while living in France discovered what she calls the “wisdom of French parenting.”  I found this book to be intriguing in many aspects.  Although there are many aspects of French parenting I would not want to copy here (like the small percentage of French women who breastfeed) there are many other things I can appreciate about French parenting.  At the very least I found this book intriguing to get a sneak peek at how women in another culture mother their children.

Rachel Ray 30 Minute GET REAL Meals: I thought this cookbook was so lame.  I bookmarked three meals that I thought looked decent but the husband shot down all three.  The thing I really disliked about this book was the fact that most of the recipes in the book cost a lot of money to make.  I do like to cook but the primary reason that I cook is to save my family money.  I doubt I will ever  cook something that costs as much to make as it would to eat it at a restaurant.

Have you read any great books this month?  


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