Frugal Things I Did Last Week

27 Feb
We had lots of fun playing outside this week.

We had lots of fun playing outside this week.

I took soil samples from our garden and landscaping.  Then I dropped them off at our local extension service.  They will send them off to a lab to be tested and then give me a recommendation for adding minerals to the soil.  This test is completely free and should help improve my garden yields this year.

We went to the zoo this week using our Zoo Pass.  It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun as a family.  🙂  We even packed a snacky lunch so we avoided the pricey food there.

I took my son on a mommy/son date to get ice cream for just the two of us.  All ice cream tastes great in my opinion so we got the special to share.  It cost only $1.58 and was such a fun thing to do with my little guy.

My husband & I went to the dentist together.  Isn’t that so romantic!  🙂  By taking care of our teeth with regular checkups we are saving money by avoiding expensive dental procedures in the future.

I received a free can of Campbell Soup in the mail to try.  I also received a sample of moisturizer and probiotic for kids.  I always save any sample size medicines or supplements to take with us when we are traveling.

The hubby and I had a lunch date using a gift card.  We also watched a movie from the library together another night.

I ordered seeds (non-GMO seeds) from Berlin Seeds.  I did a bunch of research and price comparing and they were by far the best deal.  My mom & I ordered our seeds together and saved a bunch of money that way.  Usually a larger priced packet of seeds is a better deal than a smaller packet.  We will probably start a bunch of our seeds together in float trays so this will be easy.

What frugal things did you do this past week? 


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