10 Goals For This Week

26 Feb


Eli was so tired after playing outside that he fell asleep on the floor!

Eli was so tired after playing outside that he fell asleep on the floor!

As we near the end of the month I am reminded that next month is Spring.  Hooray!  I don’t know about you but I am ready!  My seeds came in the mail today so I am really itching for spring to be here!  🙂  This week should be a lighter one for us compared to last week.  I’m hoping on getting a bunch of good snuggle time reading in with my little man this week.  Pretty soon we will be busy with Spring activities and gardening but for now we are going to enjoy the last few weeks of Winter.  

This Week’s Goals:

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals

1.  Take Elijah to Swim Lessons.

2.  Read four chapters of Old Town in the Green Groves to Eli.

3.  Begin planning our vacation for this year.  Talk with the hubby about what he would like to do to make sure we are on the same page.  🙂

Personal Goals

4. Memorize Isaiah 53:1-2.   

5. Have breakfast out with a good friend.

6.  Finish reading Faithmapping: A Gospel Atlas for Your Spiritual Journey. 

Homemaking Goals

7.  Finish getting tax info together and turn into to my favorite CPA (my Dad).  🙂  This is my #1 goal for this week!

8.  Finish reading Carrots Love Tomatoes. 

Business Goals

9.  Buy ink for our printer.

Ministry Goals

10.  Visit or send a card to a church friend who has cancer.

What are your goals this week?   


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