Frugal Things I Did Last Week

11 Feb


The beautiful flower display Elijah made for me this past week.

The beautiful flower display Elijah made for me this past week.

Elijah & I attended “Flower Buds” at our local extension office for the first time.  It was lots of fun!  They have a story time, sing songs, go outside, enjoy a snack, and make a craft!  This week’s craft was really nice.  Elijah & I made a fresh flower arrangement together.  (I did let him choose which flowers and where to place them.)  I’m not sure if every extension office has the same free program but it would be worth looking into in your area.  🙂

I had a friend over for a play-date.  I just love play dates   They are really just a great excuse for mom’s to hang out.  🙂  I served Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup & Make Your Own Salads.  My friend also was kind enough to bring us a box of hand-me-downs.  Yes!  Elijah now has a darling church coat for next winter & a bunch of clothes.

I received a free Nivea lip butter in the mail.  Am I the only person who has never tried lip butter?  It’s okay but I think I prefer the tube kind.  It just feels more sanitary but I guess I”m just a little germophobic.

We bought all of our staples at Aldi this week.

I went to the consignment store looking for Elijah a pair of rain boots (unsuccessful) but did come home with a couple shirts, pull-ups, and a swim shirt.

I planted leek and cabbage seeds in an old plastic container last week and one of the containers sprouted.  Unfortunately I didn’t label them so I don’t know if the cabbage seeds or the leek seeds came up!  😮

I got a thorn in my finger the other day.  Instead of going to the doctor, my mother was kind enough to dig it out for me.  I HATE digging them out myself.

My parents gave us a quart & half of Nacho Cheese leftover from their Super Bowl party.  I made Knock Off Chili’s Skillet Queso for the hubby one night.  He was super impressed!  For youth this week we served the leftover Nacho Cheese, Skillet Queso, & Chips (purchased at Aldi).

I received the book Faithmapping in the mail to review.  Brandon & I are both looking forward to reading it.  My hubby even did a leprechaun leap when the UPS man dropped it off.  Ha, ha!

I downloaded a free song I Need Thee Every Hour from KoertsMusic.  It was too simple to use as an offertory so I just included it as part of the prelude on Sunday.  There are a number of other songs on that website so if you play the piano you might want to check it out!

What frugal activities did you do last week?  



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