Frugal Things I Did Last Week

10 Jan
The delicious mixed berry sauce I made.

The delicious mixed berry sauce I made.

I made a fruit sauce topping for pancakes that keeps for a couple of weeks.  We enjoyed it over leftover pancakes and in plain yogurt.

I bought the hubby some indexes with tabs that he uses for work from  They were half price and they were delivered right to our door!

I printed free Thank You cards for Elijah to send for Christmas gifts from here. 

I turned a red flannel shirt into a bolster pillow.  The shirt was given to me by my mom and I had stuffing on hand that I stuffed it with.  It has a nice rugged man look to it so I ended up giving it to my brother.  I also cut all of the buttons off of the shirt but they ended up getting spilled and I think my little helper vacuumed most of them up.  Oh well!  I do need some sort of better storage for the buttons that I cut off of shirts.  I’m thinking it would probably be worth investing in some tiny bags with a zipper.  If I cut buttons off of a shirt I really want to keep them all together in one place verses throwing them in a jar.

I printed cute New Year’s Eve decorations and even little covers for Tick-Tacks.

I made homemade Auntie Ann pretzels when my sisters came over to hang out.  One sister even helped me make them!  This is my second time making them and I am definitely getting the hang of it.  😉  I’m thinking I may try to make them for the young adults at our church sometime soon.

I also made popcorn as a snack another night.  Popcorn is a fast, easy, inexpensive snack!  I purchase our popcorn at a bulk foods store and pop it in a popper.  (I can’t stand microwave popcorn.)  Did you know you can even make it without a popcorn popper?  One of our favorite ways to eat popcorn is Peanut Butter Popcorn.

My mom has been cleaning out her basement.  Yeah for me!  😉  She gave me some fabric (cotton and some nylon tricot-perfect for making a slip!), a beautiful set of embroidered pillowcases that my great-grandmother made,  and four hardcover sewing books.

We received samples in the mail!  (I love samples!)  I received a five-day trial of Loreal Moisturizer.  This should be enough to last me all through the winter!  We also received Probiotic Gummies, and coffee.

I used my Cricut and blue vinyl I had on hand to cut out a sailboat for Eli’s room.  (I purchased the vinyl from vinyl expressions off of amazon.)  It is right above his toddler bed.  I am also planning to add the word “Elijah” across the boat.  I just haven’t been able to get the font to my liking yet.

I made chocolate zucchini bread.  It is delicious but much more like a dessert!  😉  We have LOTS of zucchini in our freezer that I would like to use up in the next couple of months.

We had the tires on our car rotated for free at Tire Discounters. We always purchase our tires at this store since they offer a free alignment when you purchase them and free alignment every 5,000 miles.  They also give a warranty that your tires will last as long as they are supposed to if you are faithful to get them rotated often.   They also commonly catch repairs that need to be made in the future which I find very helpful.

I used a coupon to get the oil in the van changed for 19.99.  (Actually this should fall under Brandon’s list of frugal accomplishments since he took the van for me.)

I returned a bunch of sewing notions that I didn’t end up needing to Hancock Fabrics.  I always check the remnant rack when I am there and came home with fabric to make gifts.  They also have their fleece remnants on sale for $1.25/yard.  (This is super cheap!)

I made a baby shower gift using fabric I had purchased the day after Thanksgiving.

What frugal things did you do last week? 


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