We Three Kings of Orient Are

13 Dec

photo (4)

This past Sunday night my little boy was in his 1st Christmas play!  I’ve seen my fair share of Christmas plays but wow-what a different when it is your own kid.  😉  I don’t think you can really understand what it feels like until you watch your own kid up there on stage.  Elijah played the part of a Wise Man or one of the Kings that went to worship Jesus and bring him gifts.  Thankfully he didn’t have to say anything as I don’t think he would have talked in front of so many people. 

When he came out I almost wanted to hide as I was almost sure that he would come running to me but he didn’t.  He took his gift to Baby Jesus and followed right along with the play.  I have to admit I was one proud mama!  Now I completely understand all of the hard work that goes into a Christmas play.  (I made 2 costumes for it!)  I am so thankful for the children’s ministry at church-not because we had a great play but because of all of their endless work to help teach my son about the Gospel. 

Christmas Play

We also had a wonderful time enjoying our Holiday Christmas dinner at church.  (I made green beans with bacon & Yum Yums.)  Then we all went upstairs to enjoy the Christmas play which was so much fun!  My sister Bekah & two of my brothers were actually in the play also.  I would have never dreamed that one day my little boy would be in a play with my siblings.  😉  So very cool!    After the play we all had dessert-yum! 


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