October at Our Home

3 Nov

Phew!  October has been a month buzzing with excitement and busyness for all of us.  This may have been my longest blogging break so far.  🙂 

Our month started out with enjoying our local Wool Festival.  That’s right.  Here we have a festival to celebrate sheep’s wool.  (Having raised and shown sheep myself this seems perfectly normal to me.)  It is an absolute blast.  There are live demonstrations, music, food, crafts, and all sorts of things.  My favorite part of the Wool Fest is running into all sorts of people I know.  It’s a great time to reconnect with others.  Brandon, Elijah, and I were all able to go this year which was great.  We can’t wait for next year.

Brandon and I have continued our counseling training.  We attended another weekend conference this past month and look forward to finishing the final conference sessions next week.  Brandon will also be working towards his NANC certification.  (I would also like to pursue certification but we will probably wait for Brandon to finish first since it can be kind of intense.)

Elijah continues to be such a little joy in our lives.  Everyday it seems we are laughing our heads off at something he just said.  I really think we need to start a journal of all of his funny sayings!  The other day he came home from church and said that he learned that Abraham was married to Sarah Burton (a good friend of mine) and they had a son named Damian (a boy at our church).  😉

The biggest thing this past month was the fact that my parents went on vacation (alone) to Florida for 8 days!  We were both super excited for them but a little nervous about the prospect of being in charge of nearly 3 teenagers (my youngest 3 siblings).  We stayed at the farm while my parents were away.  Not only did we have to keep them alive until my parents got back but they also had to do their lessons and schoolwork as homeschoolers.  Brandon left early every morning to go to work and I was left with 3 kids to homeschool and keep Eli out of trouble.  😉  Boy was it a lot different from what I thought it would be!  I thought I would have all sorts of free time to sew and read a couple of books.  I didn’t even glance at a pattern or a single page in a book the entire time I was there!  I have an even greater respect for those out there who homeschool.   We did get to do a fun Chemistry unit complete with lots of experiments while I was there.  Thankfully nothing exploded!  😉  I also really enjoyed working on some Christmas duets with my youngest sister Bekah.  Elijah had an absolute blast which is to be expected.  It was fun to watch him playing and learning all sorts of things-even how to grease traps with Uncle Caleb.  I’m so thankful we were able to bless my parents in this way but I did miss my home a lot.

We had a great time at Trunk-or-Treat with our church.  Elijah dressed up as a red dinosaur and had a blast playing with all of the kids.  He made a pretty cute dinosaur too.  😉  Our month concluded with attending a birthday party for our friend’s little girl which was lots of fun!


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