Frugal Things I Did Last Week

5 Sep

Eli after playing with his homemade chalk paint (mix equal parts cornstarch and water + food coloring). When it dries it looks just like chalk!

This past week I finally broke down and made homemade laundry soap after having the ingredients on hand for months!  I made the powdered version: 1 bar Felths-Napa soap (grated), 1 cup borax, and 1 cup washing soda.  I have washed about 4 loads of laundry and it seems to be working well.   Having always had very sensitive skin I am curious to see if I will be able to use this myself long-term.  So good so far! 🙂

I picked and broke lots of green beans this past week from both my garden and my aunt’s.  My mother was kind enough to can most of them for me.  I think we canned about 27 pint and a half jars?  (Pint & a half jars are hard to find but the perfect size for my family.  They are also so cute and work wonderful as iced tea glasses.)  😉    With the rain we just had I expect to can more later this week if my beans continue to produce as they have.

I continued to work on my niece’s birthday present using materials I had on hand.

I ordered a book through interlibrary loan from our library rather than purchase it.  Brandon and I are both looking forward to reading it.

Received a free Schick Intuition Razor in the mail.

The family and I went to the Cincinnati Natural History & Science Museum.  We paid $6 to park but admission to the museum was free in honor of Neil Armstrong this past week.  It was so much fun!  I think we would all agree that our favorite part was the indoor cave.

I accepted a dozen canning jars, a half camisole, and a fun new bathroom rug from my aunt.  We really needed a new bathroom rug for our guest bathroom and this is perfect!  I’m so glad I waited to buy one.

Thanks to pintrest I made Spinach Artichoke dip for the first time while the hubby and I watched a football game Saturday night.

We had a blast at the Cincinnati Natural History museum last week.


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  1. laurapete September 8, 2012 at 2:38 am #

    Don’t you just love free jars? So how much does homemade laundry soap cost/save you vs buying?

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