Frugal Things I Did Last Week

30 Aug

A picture from the Battle of Blue Licks re-enactment I attended. My brother is shown in the picture on the right.

  • I attended a battle re-enactment where my brother Caleb re-enacted.  It was lots of fun!  I carpooled with family to save money on gas and I successfully resisted buying any snacks or drinks by taking a nice little cooler.  (If you don’t yet own a cooler large enough for a day trip invest in one soon.  My favorite cooler cost only $12 new and has saved us so much money!  They are also easy to find second-hand.)
  • I sewed a baby sleep sack as a gift for a friend using McCalls 4236.  I used a darling fleece print from my stash and a red zipper I had on hand.  I’ve really been trying to use up a lot of the fabric in my stash.   😉  The project turned out wonderful and I sewed it one evening after Elijah went to sleep.  I can’t wait to give it to her.
  • Accepted free zucchini and tomatoes from my aunt.  I made a nice side dish with them for dinner one night that was practically free.  I also made 2 loaves of zucchini bread.  We ate one and gave one away.
  • Went to the beauty shop and had my eyebrows waxed on Wednesday when waxes are only $5.  🙂  One of my favorite ways to splurge.
  • The green beans in my garden are finally ready.  Hooray!  They were supposed to be ready a month ago.  Better late than never right?  Eli and I picked them together and canned 10 quarts.  Elijah is actually getting pretty good at picking green beans.  I also had him dump my little basket of green beans into the bigger basket at the end of the row.  He was truly a help and a joy to be with!  🙂  So far I have canned 38 quarts of green beans and hope to do lots more.  They taste so good in the middle of winter.  🙂
  • I decided to be adventurous and canned 8 pints of zucchini pickles.  I”ve never had them but decided to give them a try.  I figured if there was a recipe for them in my simple canning book that they must taste at least decent or they wouldn’t be included in it.  Anyone else ever had them?
  • I finally have enough cucumbers in my garden to make pickles.  Hooray!  I canned 8 pints of Bread & Butter Pickles while Elijah took a nap.
  • My sweet hubby painted a picture for our kitchen that I absolutely adore.  🙂
  • I watched a free 75 minute lesson from Greg Howlett on playing mood (soft) music during worship services.  It was really good and challenged me a lot as a pianist.
  • I baked a chicken in the Crock Pot.  The next day I made homemade chicken broth in the Crock Pot.  It is so simple to make you simply must try it!
  • Used a coupon to get an oil change for the van for 19.95.
  • I went to a dozen yard sales on Saturday morning and purchased a number of much-needed items: 2 shirts for myself, 2 pairs of shoes for Eli, 2 church sweaters, 2 dress shirts, 3 play shirts, lots and lots of books (to save for birthday & Christmas), a Thomas the Tank Engine game for his birthday, and a pair of overalls for my brother to wear in the fair parade.  I had a great time and scored a bunch of great items.  I even found baseball card sleeves for the hubby.   🙂
  • I picked zinnias from my yard and made 2 bouquets one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen table.  They have brought to a smile to my face numerous times throughout the day.  Such simple beauty that means so much.  I will be planting tons of flowers next year!  🙂
  • I found this great recipe on Pintrest for Betty Crocker Knock Off Box Mix Brownies.  These were great and only 30 cents a batch!  So much cheaper (and easier) than my usual recipe.
  • I purchased 5 sewing/craft books at a used bookstore for $13.  One of the books I bought was even on my current Amazon Wishlist.  😉  I also found 6 piano books that I purchased for $3.  I love finding older piano music.  I used one of the sacred piano books I bought to play the prelude for church on Sunday morning.

What sorts of frugal things did you do this week?

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