This Mother’s Day….

14 May

Baby Eli

This Mother’s Day I am…..

Missing the opportunity to Worship with fellow believers at church today (my poor little boy has Strep throat.)

Sleepy from my late night with Elijah and early morning.

Longing for my little boy’s laugh to come back.

Planning lots of fun pintrest projects with Elijah once he is better.  🙂

Listening to the sound of rain beating down.

Sipping a warm cup of tea.

Remembering those who struggle with infertility and the sadness that it brings.

Wishing I could trade places with Eli and be the sick one instead.

Reading books upon books upon books of stories to Elijah.

Trying to convince Eli that he does not want to watch another episode of Jay-Jay the Jet Plane.  (There is just something weird about planes with faces on them.)

Thankful that we have access to such excellent medical care and medicine.  Most of the world is not so blessed.

Watching all of the many birds who came to say hello today despite the rain.

Praising God for my mother.  What a sweet blessing she is to my life.

Rejoicing at the blessing of being chosen to be Elijah’s mommy.  Few things in life will ever compare to the joy that it brings.

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


One Response to “This Mother’s Day….”

  1. thencomesmercy May 14, 2012 at 11:59 am #

    That is such a cute picture! Elijah was such a sweet-looking little baby! Happy Mother’s Day, Amanda!

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