A Case for Simple Offertories

17 Apr


This past Sunday I played one of the simplest piano arrangements that I have played in probably the last ten years.  For those of you who don’t know I am blessed with the opportunity to serve as our church’s pianist.  What a delight to participate weekly in corporate worship.  🙂  I thoroughly love playing the piano for our church services despite the fact that I still get fairly nervous.  😮  Part of serving as the church pianist includes playing the Offertory each week.

Somehow I think there is this misconception that Offertories must be the most difficult, challenging, impressive pieces a pianist can possibly learn to play the upcoming week.  Besides adding background music during the taking up of the tithes and offerings the Offertory provides another important aspect to the service.  In our church the Offertory is often followed by the preaching of God’s Word.  The Offertory provides an important time of reflection for church members as they prepare to hear God speak to them through the sermon.

All of that to say that sometimes the best Offertory piece is one that will help the congregation quiet their hearts before they hear the message that God has for them.  Today I played To Be Like Thee-a slow, reflective piece.  I can only hope that it helped church members quiet their own hearts and reflect on what it means to be like Christ.


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