Vera Bradley Knock Off: Simplicity 2274 Review

27 Mar

I love my new bag. It makes me want to take a trip just so I can take my bag along.

I’m pretty sure Simplicity 2274 has been on my wish list ever since it came out.  The pattern includes a luggage tag, clutch, and overnight bag.  This past weekend I went on a road trip back to my old college.  🙂  What a blast (I’ll have to save the details for another post.)  🙂  Last week I used some of my birthday money to purchase the materials for the project and get to work.  (Although I am over the top excited at how this project turned out it was a little on the expensive side.)

Love this fun print.

I used a fun yellow sunburst paisley calico print from Hancocks, a yellow dot fabric as the lining (instead of muslin as suggested) courtesy of the local Walmart, a black dot fabric (also Walmart), and fusible fleece for the handles.

After quilting the fabric I serged the raw edges of the fabric together. This made sewing the bag together much easier.

One of the hardest parts of sewing this bag was quilting the material.  (This could easily be remedied by purchasing pre-quilted material but the selection is quite limited.)  I did not want to use the carbon/tracing wheel technique because I feared the carbon would not come out of my fabric.  I actually called Simplicity’s 1 800 number.  They gave me the idea of using chalk which worked wonderfully!  I also copied pattern piece 3 (bag side) on my copier machine and cut along the tracing lines.  Then I used that as a guide.  I marked the lining side of the material with orange chalk (the fabric was yellow) and quilted it together.  This step alone took quite a long time so prepare yourself.

If you don't serge the edges be sure to finish them in some manner.

I do wish that I had added additional small pockets on the inside of the bag for a cell phone, pens, hair ties, etc.  (I really like pockets.)  Small open style pockets would be a great addition and very easy to make.

I love the side pocket on this bag!

I really like the side zipper pocket on this bag.  It was very nice on my trip this past weekend.  The only trouble I had with sewing the pocket is that I sewed the lining to the outside.  I really liked the look of a little yellow on the side of the bag so I decided to not rip out the zipper.  (Ripping out a zipper isn’t exactly fun either.)

The major change I made to the pattern was the straps.  Instead of using itchy, scratchy, jute webbing (which is also hard to find) I made my own straps.  This was also a bit time-consuming.  I cut 4 sections of fabric 8″ by the width of the fabric and sewed two of them together into a large tube.  Next I cut fusible fleece 3.5 X 62″  long.  I fused this to the fabric .5 ” from the edge.  Then I folded all of the sides in 1/2 and sewed shut.  (Sorry there are no pictures of this step.)

Top view

I actually used 2 different fabrics for the handles since I ran out of fabric but I kind of like the look don’t you?  (I just couldn’t stand to run out to the fabric store again once I was sewing.)  🙂


I love the little tabs located on the ends of the top zipper. Such a nice professional look. I'm thinking I may also add some zipper pull to the zippers.



Bring on the trips and warm weather! I"m ready now!






3 Responses to “Vera Bradley Knock Off: Simplicity 2274 Review”

  1. laurapete March 27, 2012 at 2:52 am #

    Love it!

  2. Mom March 27, 2012 at 4:05 am #

    Nice job on the zipper!! And to think you were afraid of them!!

  3. Renee March 27, 2012 at 11:11 am #


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