20 Mar

Menu Plan March 19-25

Spring is here!  Although I was really hoping for at least one good snow this winter I”ve decided to just enjoy the glorious weather we have been given.  (I’m still not convinced we won’t have snow on Easter though.)  After making dinner tonight (in a house without air conditioning) I think we will be focusing on lots of CrockPot or stove-top meals.  🙂       


  • Breakfast: Applesauce Spice Muffins, Milk
  • Lunch: Leftovers from my birthday. 🙂
  • Dinner:  Baked Cod, Sweet Potato Fries (oven baked), Salad




  • Breakfast: Yogurt with Homemade Granola
  • Lunch: Sneaky Potato Soup, Salad
  • Dinner: CrockPot Beef Enchiladas-our favorite crockpot meal!


  • Breakfast: Sausage Breakfast Casserole, Toast
  • Lunch: Leftovers
  • Dinner:  Spaghetti with Sesame Italian Bread
  • Snack: Popcorn


  • Breakfast: Homemade Granola Bars made from the Homemade Granola earlier in the week, Fruit
  • Lunch: Chicken Salad Sandwiches on the road
  • Dinner: on the road.  I am going on a road trip this weekend to see a friend, details to follow next week.  Can’t wait!  I’m planning on taking a medium sized cooler full of snacks for Eli and myself.  🙂


  • Breakfast: Granola Bars, hard boiled eggs, bananas.
  • Lunch: on the road
  • Dinner:  Chicken Veggie Casserole

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