Eli’s Couch Cozy

5 Jan

Eli's New Couch Cozy

Even with the craziness of moving I really wanted to make Eli something special for Christmas.  I settled on what I like to call The Couch Cozy.  The perfect gift for a sweet little boy to stay nice and warm all winter.  It’s called the couch cozy because you can pull your legs up inside when you are on the couch all cozy like.  🙂  Basically its a cross between a blanket and a sleeper with feet.  Just perfect.  Eli loves it and can even say Couch Cozy.  So precious.

The Couch Cozy doesn't slow Eli down at all but keeps him nice and warm.

I did use a pattern McCalls 6427 View B but I am sure you could probably develop a pattern from a sleeper.  Eli’s measurements were chest 19 waist 18 so I ended up making him the 1/2 size.  It fit pretty well.  The next time I make this pattern I would like to raise the neckline a little so that it fits higher up.  I’m sure ribbing around the collar would work great as well.  (Eli does need to wear a t-shirt underneath his since it does come down in a type of V.)

A sweet couch cozy for one sweet little boy!
The pattern does recommend using a heavy-duty zipper.  This is a wonderful idea.  I am sure that The Couch Cozy will soon become your child’s favorite pajamas and that zipper will get lots of use.  If you look really careful in the photo you might notice that the zipper is in fact upside down.  The pattern suggested doing this and I found it to be such a creative idea.  By sewing the zipper in upside down your child is unable (at least at this point) to unzip it.  I ended up taking Eli inside a store a couple of weeks ago in his pajamas and he did in fact start taking them off in the cart at Walmart. 😉  Great idea! 
Overall this was a super fun project to make.  It turned out to be much easier than I had imagined originally and a sweet memory of sewing something for my little boy. 




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