Fall Tree Hand Print Pictures

1 Nov

Look at the excitement on this boy's face.


I finally broke down and joined Pintrest a couple of weeks ago.  When I came across this Kid Craft I just knew that it would be perfect for Eli to do.  Our version was slightly different from the one on Pintrest and so much fun to make.  🙂


Love the grin on his face in this picture. How I wish I could have video recorded Eli making this craft. He giggled with delight.


Action Shot


After we stamped Eli's hand on the poster I cleaned him up. (I recommend lots of baby wipes on hand.) Then he had a wonderful time making the leaf dots with his fingers.


That face makes it worth all the mess. What a fun memory to make with Elijah.


So proud of his handiwork.


This craft had to be one of my favorite activities. we have done this fall.  I was so thankful we were able to do it before the weather got super cold.  (Although I would encourage you to be adventurous and cover your kitchen table with lots of newspapers or an old sheet.  It was really that great.)  We did make a couple of extras to send to the grandparents.  I hope they really enjoyed them!  One also adorns our mantle and is headed to the memory box once Christmas comes.


2 Responses to “Fall Tree Hand Print Pictures”

  1. Katelyn November 4, 2011 at 2:20 am #

    I love Eli’s faces in those pictures. I think Eli might need some ‘paint’ clothes…….

    • emersonfamily November 8, 2011 at 1:32 am #

      Yeah he does need an art smock. I made him an Art Smock for his birthday but I was determined not to cave and give it to him early. 🙂 It’s really cute by the way!

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