Sew a Toddler Apron

1 Oct

Sew up a sweet little apron for your favorite kitchen helper.

After trying unsuccessfully to tie one of my half aprons onto Eli and having it fall off repeatedly I finally made him his very own apron.  It was so simple and took hardly any time at all to make.  Unfortunately a size 18-24 months apron does not exist so I had to improvise.  🙂  I simply measured from above Eli’s chest down past his ankles where I wanted the apron to hit.  This was 16″ for Eli.  Add 1″ for seam allowances.  Then I measured around him and found that I wanted the front to measure about 13″ wide. 

I also added a pocket which to the bottom of the apron. I cut a piece of fabric 9" X 5". Finish all of the edges. Turn the top under 1" and sew. Sew the pocket onto the front of the apron stitching close to the edge.

I drafted a pattern using one of his shirts as a guide to make the arm holes.  I simply taped 2 8.5 X 11 pieces of paper together long ways to make the pattern which was placed along the fold of the fabric.   

To make the neck tie I cut a piece of fabric 2″ X 18″ (this ended up being about an inch or two too long for Eli at 21 months but I just tacked it so that he can grow into the apron).  Then I placed the fabric right sides together to make a long tube and sewed along 3 sides.  Turn inside out and press.   Attach at the top of the apron 1/2 inch from the side (so that you can later fold over the fabric to finish the edge).  To make waist ties cut 2 pieces of fabric 2″ X 22″.  Sew the same way as the neck ties.  Finish all of the seams.  Add pocket if desired and voila all finished! Put on your little one and watch them grin. 

To say Eli loves his apron might be an understatement.

Side view

Already on his way to being a great cook one day.

Such a fun project. My favorite one last week. Definitely trumps cleaning out the closets.

This would make an excellent Christmas present if you want to get a jump-start on your gift list.  It is also fairly economical since the entire project takes only 2/3 of a yard of fabric.  I used a thicker weight fabric which I thought would be a little more durable for being washed often.  If the idea of creating a pattern terrifies you check out my post about sewing children’s aprons last year.


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