Kentucky Horse Park Trip

25 Sep

We could not have had a better day. So thankful to spend time with family.


Eli loved every minute of our time at the horse park.


The word of the day was "neigh neigh". Absolutely adorable. Everywhere we turned Eli was pointing and saying "neigh, neigh".


Look at this fun chair we found.


What a fun day.


Favorite picture of the day.


Eli being silly on the way home.


We were so thankful to be able to spend our Saturday afternoon at the Kentucky Horse Park.  When I took Brandon home for the first time to meet my parents we actually stopped there and walked around for a while.  I would have never guessed that day that 3 1/2 years later I would be walking around the park with my HUSBAND and almost 2-year-old.  🙂  So blessed and thankful for my family. 

We did end up seeing lots of real horses even though I forgot to take a picture of one.  How funny that all of our pictures are statues of horses.  Oh well.  One highlight of the day was watching the Red Hat Drill Team.  It was composed of 8 women who were all over 50.   I was very impressed.  Who knows maybe in 25 years I’ll join them?


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