Bean Scooping for Toddlers

27 Jul

Eli's new favorite activity: bean scooping.


Last week I introduced Eli to the idea of bean scooping.  I simply pulled out 2 containers, a measuring spoon, and about a pound of pinto beans.  I placed all of the beans in one container and showed him how to carefully scoop them into the other.  He absolutely loved it! 

This can get slightly messy. In a cheery voice encourage your little one to pick up the fallen beans with their little fingers. (This is also great for motor skill development.)


You could also use a measuring cup for this activity.  It does need to be supervised carefully as the beans are a choking hazard.  We have found this to be the perfect activity to keep Eli occupied (and having fun) while I clean up the kitchen.

Use different containers to create different sounds. This recycled pie plate made a delightful noise.
This has become such a favorite of Eli’s that if he sees it sitting out on the counter he will walk over to it and point.  🙂  I waited until he was 19 months old to introduce bean scooping but believe he would have been able to do this a couple of months ago. 

This was during clean up time. I guess Eli figured out a faster way to put the beans in the container than with the scoop. 🙂


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