Creative Frugal Pajamas for Elijah

1 Jul

Eli's New PJ's.

A couple of weeks ago Eli desperately needed some new pajamas.  I had 3 options: go to Babies R Us, buy material and make them, or get creative.  I decided to take the creative route this time.  First I headed to the thrift store to see what I could find.  I picked up the adorable monkey pajama shirt shown above.  Doesn’t it fit Eli nicely?  We had just learned what sound monkeys made that week.   This shirt was perfect.  I looked and looked and could not find the matching shorts.  😦  What to do oh what to do? 

The solution: a size Large boy's polo shirt.


As I was debating I came across the above boy’s large shirt.  What do you know the brown on that shirt is awfully close to the brown on the monkey shirt. Hmm.  This I where things get creative.  I purchased both shirts for $2.00 and went home hoping my idea would work.

The fabric from this old shirt worked perfect for Eli's pajama pants.

Using the basic baby short’s pattern from the Kwik Sew Sewing for Baby book I cut out the shorts from the boy’s shirt.  It just barely fit.  (If I ever try this again I will definitely purchase a boy’s XL or man’s small.)   

Once cut out it looks just like a regular cut piece of fabric. You would never guess it use to be another shirt!

I actually cut the shorts out in a way that I didn’t even have to hem them.  I just used the existing hemmed edge from the shirt.  After sewing the shorts they looked like this:

All finished! (These ended up being a little big in case you are wondering.)


How cute is this?


Not only were these a fraction of the cost of new pajamas but what a fun memory I have every time I look at them.  I’ll remember all of the fun trips Eli and I have made to the thrift store and the week that Eli learned the monkey sound.  He also played next to me while I sewed them and helped me cut out the pants. 😉


One Response to “Creative Frugal Pajamas for Elijah”

  1. Ann July 1, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

    They are soooo cute!!! What a cute outfit and a wonderful memory!

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