Save Money with Home Haircuts

22 Jun

Before shot of Brandon's last haircut and beard trim.


Home haircuts are an excellent way to help save money these days.  Does it sound scary?  Well have no fear because it really isn’t scary at all!  I was blessed to grow up in a home where a home haircut was the norm.  I have fond memories of sitting outside on a bar stool on a lazy summer afternoon watching my mom cut someone’s hair.  I could also schedule a hair appointment for myself most any time of day.  🙂 

How do I look?


I have been cutting Brandon’s hair for the past 3 years and it has saved us at least $600 so far!  (His hair and beard grow so fast that he has to get it cut once a month.)  We love having such an easy way to save lots of money!  It is also very convenient for us.  Brandon does not have to drive anywhere, spend any money, or have to worry about getting a bad haircut or having a barber trim too much of his beard.  🙂 

Doesn't he look nice.


Three years ago I purchased the following set of Wahl clippers with attachments.  (Mine is an older version of this set and only cost around $50.)  I have been very pleased with the set.  It has held up great over the past 3 years and we look forward to many more. 

What memories!


I love the fact that cutting hair at home saves us lots of money.  More than that though I enjoy the fact that we are making memories as a family.  I will never forget Eli’s first haircut.  It was even more special that I was the one who gave it to him.  🙂  I imagine this will be a tradition we will continue in our family for years to come.


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