Make Shift Baby Pool

22 Jun

Look at that face. He's having a blast!

 As many of you know our air conditioning broke a few weeks ago.  It was really hot!  Especially being at home all day with a little one.  I thought about buying one but was feeling lazy.  (It’s so hard to go to go to the store for just one item.)  Instead I found a storage box, emptied it out, and filled it with water.  It was perfect!  He loved it!  The first day he wouldn’t actually get in it.  Elijah prefered just splashing and playing.  The next day was a different story as the pictures will tell.  (Oh and yes that is a cloth swim diaper in the photos.) 🙂 

Oh this is cold! What a great sensory tool! 🙂



It was such a delight to watch Eli explore the water.


The great thing about the make shift baby pool is that it cost nothing since we already had the storage container on hand and the fact that it has a lid.  The lid also locks.  🙂  We are really liking our make shift pool not sure if we will ever go buy that kiddie pool.

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