Sew a Pack-N-Play Sheet

16 Jun

Eli's new pack-n-play sheet.


Sewing your own pack-n-play sheets is a cinch!  They are very similar to sewing crib sheets so please check out this tutorial for detailed instructions.  I have actually made 2 sheets so far: one out of woven material and one out of knit fabric.  The knit is by far my favorite!  It stays on much better.  To make a knit sheet purchase 1 yard of 60″ wide knit fabric.  You will also need to purchase 2 yards of elastic either 3/8″ or 1/2″. 

  1. Measure your pack-n-play as they vary a little in sizing.  Mine measured 27X40.  Since the mattress is so thin (merely an inch) I disregarded it.  Then I added 7 inches to both measurements.  My cutting measurements were then: 34X47.  If using a woven fabric I would add an additional inch since your fabric has no stretch to it.  You will also need to purchase more than 1 yard of fabric-purchase your final longer measurement.  Here that would be 47″. 
  2. Lay your fabric out and at each corner cut out a 5X5 square. 
  3. To make the pockets take the sides that were just cut (the square sides) and place right sides together.  Sew them together using 1/2″ seam allowance.  Repeat for each of the 4 corners.  If this is confusing see here. 
  4. Finish the edges using a serger, pinking sheers, or simply fold the fabric over twice and sew.  (This is to prevent fraying.) 
  5. Use a zig zag stitch to sew your elastic to the edge of the sheet stretching as you go.  (This is different from the crib sheet tutorial.  For the crib sheets I only used elastic on the pockets. I found that it works better for the pack and play to have elastic around the entire thing.)  You could also make a casing and insert elastic.  I find that it is much simpler to just stretch the elastic as I sew. 


Put sheet on pack-n-play mattress and admire your handiwork. 🙂 Or place child inside for a nap.



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