Easter Memories

28 Apr

Eli and his Aunt Bekah. We all had a blast playing with those bunny ears. 😉

Easter 2011 Photo: we got soaking wet going into church that day. The service was absolutely wonderful! So Gospel centered, we are so blessed to worship with such a wonderful church.


After church we headed up to NKY to spend the day with family. Eli was so excited!


We didn't get very far and Eli was already asleep! Guess he was just resting up for all of the excitement at Momolene's house (my grandma).


Eli loved his duck. You can tickle it and it giggles-very cute! 🙂


Eli playing with my cousin Anna-I guess they are second cousins maybe? I'm so glad they got to play together. Isn't she darling by the way?


We felt so blessed with such a wonderful Easter.  Great church, great family what a great day celebrating the Resurrection of Christ!


One Response to “Easter Memories”

  1. Allie May 1, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    Adorable! 🙂 Loved your family pic. It was great to see you and Eli yesterday!!!

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