Easter Egg Wreath

30 Mar

The Easter Egg Wreath which adorns our front door. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I saw this idea for an Easter wreath which wrapped plastic Easter eggs in yarn.  It’s been on my to do list ever since Valentine’s Day ended.  (I thought it was time for the Valentine’s Day Wreath to get packed away.)  I love how the Easter wreath  turned out but it did take forever!  Next time I’ll wrap the yarn while hanging out with friends.  🙂 

I used about 2 1/2 dozen large plastic eggs and about 2 dozen small eggs. It did take about 4 skeins of yarn.

I used a glue gun to attach the yarn to the egg in the beginning and then wrapped haphazardly.  (I tried wrapping one nice and neat but it didn’t turn out too great.)  Instead of yarn or ribbon I used an old leather purse strap that I had been saving to hang the wreath.  Overall I like the wreath fairly well.  The colors are definitely me.  Reminiscent of my college and seminary dorm room I think.  🙂 It is a great way to use up yarn if you have too much in your stash.  😉

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