Eli learns “oh” and plays outside

20 Mar

My new favorite face of Eli.

He's so proud of himself.

Playing outside but not feeling too great. He's had a cold for a week.

There he goes.

Eli loves "mowing" the backyard. If he pushes hard enough it blows bubbles too!

We are so thankful to see the end of Eli’s cold in sight.  This past week he learned to say “oh” which is just the cutest thing ever.  We are also extremely thankful for our nice fenced in backyard which allows Elijah to run and play.  Looking forward to many more pretty days to play outside.

One Response to “Eli learns “oh” and plays outside”

  1. Katelyn March 20, 2011 at 1:27 am #

    I love Eli’s face! So funny! Hope Eli feels better soon!

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