G Diaper Review

15 Mar

My favorite part of g diapers is their utter cuteness!

As a lady who loves cloth diapers I am always intrigued when I find out about new diapers or cloth diapering systems.  A couple weeks ago I picked up a couple of G Diapers at Lexington’s Mother Nurture’s cloth diaper consignment sale.   G diapers are a hybrid cloth diaper meaning that they are kind of a mix between disposable diapers and cloth diapers.  They consist of 3 parts an outer cover (shown in orange in the photo above), a vinyl liner and an insert.  Inserts can either be disposable or cloth.  I have not used the disposable inserts. 

I have found G diapers to be the trimmest cloth diapers I have used yet.


  • Super cute design available in a variety of colors.
  • Trim design which does not add bulk to clothing.
  • Diapers fasten in the back so little hands can’t take them off.  🙂 
  • Disposable inserts can be flushed or composted.  They wil biodegrade in less than a month rather than years! 
  • Can be used with prefolds, regular inserts (what I do) or you can purchase G Diaper Cloth inserts. 


  • these diapers seem to leak more than my faithful Bummis or Bumgenius.  I would not recomm     end them for overnight use.
  • Disposable inserts cost about 2x as much as a disposable diaper would.

I still prefer my Bumgenius or Bummis wraps/prefolds any day over the g diapers but these work well as spare diapers.  I got an excellent deal on my little gpants and have found them to work well in my rotation.  I usually


2 Responses to “G Diaper Review”

  1. Renee March 15, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    cute picture of Eli!

    these are walmart brand, right? i saw these but heard they leaked. maybe i will get a few if i see them on sale for cheap!

    • emersonfamily March 15, 2011 at 10:59 pm #

      I don’t know if they sell these at Walmart or not. They do sell them at babies-r-us. If you get them super duper cheap I might try one but otherwise I would probably just stick with Bumgenius or Bummis super whisper wraps and prefolds. I think the fit and leaking really depends on the build of your baby. Skinny babies do better with certain types of diapers while chunkier babies do better with others.

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