Travel High Chair Take 2

12 Feb

This portable high chair works great for chairs that do not have slats.

After taking Elijah with us to our first small group I realized that our old style portable high chair was not going to work.  It was a high chair that was wrapped around slats in a chair.  See picture below:

The first portable high chair-my favorite.

The reason the above high chair didn’t work is because the chairs  at our friend’s house do not have slats.  Since we are at their house regularly for small group (a couple times a month) I decided to make something that would work on their chairs.   We eat dinner at their house so this was important to me.  🙂  

They have these super cool new chairs that are just solid in the back (meaning there are new slats).  They do have a slat along the back so I came up with this with the help of this tutorial.  I did make some changes.  Instead of using ribbon as suggested I made 4 straps.  Two for the back of the chair to make it fit securely to any chair and two to wrap around the child to secure him to the chair.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 28" X 3 1/4". Fold each in half lengthwise. With right sides together sew along long side and 1 short side. Turn inside out and press.

The ties made above are used on the back of the chair instead of the ribbon.  To make ties to go around the child’s body cut a piece of fabric 80″ X 3″.  It might be cheaper to buy the ribbon if you are using all new material.  Since I was using an old sheet I had plenty of fabric to make the ties.  With my wiggly son I was a little nervous about the ribbon.  If he were older (and I had ribbon on hand) I probably would have used that. 

Between the two portable high chairs I have made I prefer the first portable high chair .  It is much simpler in design, easier to sew, and a little quicker to use.  It also takes up a little less room in a diaper bag.  We have found the first one to work on every occasion except one.  Start noticing the next time you are at a family or friend’s house to see what type of high chair would work best for your situation.  🙂

Elijah loved his bumbo seat!

If you have a new baby (or expecting) you might want to look into the Bumbo seat (pictured below).  You can purchase an optional tray to go with it which I highly recommend.  Not only did we find it to be a great portable high chair and seat when Elijah was younger, but we used it daily at our house.  We took it on vacation, out to eat in restaurants, to a week at youth camp, and to Wed. night church suppers among other things.  Babies can sit in it at 4 months old which is great since they can’t sit in a regular high chair until they can sit up.  For Elijah this took a while. The only bad part about the seat was that Elijah outgrew it by about 9 months because his thighs were too big!  I would say it would work even longer for skinny babies.  🙂


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  1. Renee February 12, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    i’ll definitely add that to my registry =)

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