Sew a Cozy Fleece Car Seat Cover

21 Jan

A cozy car seat cover for baby Rosie.

This past weekend I attended a baby shower for a good friend of mine.  I thought long and hard about what to get her.  I finally settled on a Fleece Car Seat Cover.  You can buy them at the store but they are kind of plain.  They also have a zipper which would make me kind of nervous with a baby.  So of course I decided to make one.  It was so fun! 

6 day old Eli warm and snuggled up under his Cozy Cover. 🙂

I actually used a pattern to make this although it is probably not necessary.  If you can find one on sale I would recommend purchasing Butterick 4416.  This is the pattern that I used and found it pretty easy.  The hardest part is probably picking out the fabric! 🙂  I thought this fabric looked like something my friend would pick out.  Hope she thinks so too! 🙂  The pattern does not contain a flap for the face but you could easily make one.  (Cut a piece of scrap fabric 3 inches longer.  Finish edges and sew one side onto the cover.  Attach velcro tabs to underside of flap and top of cover.) I chose not to include a flap since I thought the baby could breathe better. Overall this was a great project!   

The cover is quick and easy to take on and off. I usually just flipped up the bottom and removed Eli. You can also flip down the top if you want to uncover the baby just a little bit.

Elijah at almost 3 months still enjoying the cozy.


One Response to “Sew a Cozy Fleece Car Seat Cover”

  1. Ann January 21, 2011 at 5:52 am #

    nice sewing job on the girl car seat cover!!

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