Some New Firsts for Eli

3 Jan

Most every morning now Eli gets to feed himself. He is doing pretty good at mastering the spoon so far.

Look at that skill with the spoon. 🙂 I"m such a proud mom.

Eli's first taste of yogurt I think. Although he's making a funny face he really liked it.

Eli's first big boy toothbrush!

I think he's off to a great start having healthy teeth. Now if I could only remember to brush them twice a day! 🙂

For 6 months the toothbrush holder in the bathroom has sat empty. Now there's kind of a toothbrush to hold. Oh well! Eli's doing great with brushing his teeth and even opens his mouth with a smile. Who would have thought?


One Response to “Some New Firsts for Eli”

  1. Laura January 3, 2011 at 3:31 am #

    Aww so cute!

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