Sew a Birthday Banner

27 Dec
The Birthday Banner-A New Tradition

In preparation for Eli’s birthday I really thought about what kinds of birthday traditions we would like to incorporate for our children.  Growing up we had a special birthday tablecloth that adorned our table for each and every birthday.  I wanted birthdays to be fun and special yet simplistic.  Hence the birthday banner was born.  I think it is pretty fun and I am sure it will be a part of each and every birthday celebration for years to come.

Notice the birthday banner in the background. What a great alternative to crepe paper!

To Sew Your Own Birthday Banner:

Supplies: 2 packages of Wright's Double Fold Bias Tape, scrap fabric (I am guessing about 2-3 yards?), Triangle Pattern

I also made a triangle pattern out of a piece of cardstock.  I liked the look of uniform size pieces.  One of the fabrics was also part of a sheet that I had used on 2 other projects so this made it a lot easier to cut out. 🙂  Note: I doubled my triangles (sewed 2 together) so that I could also hang the triangles across a room and not just along a wall.  I think I ended up cutting out 52 triangles in all.  (I cut them out 4 at a time so it didn’t take very long.)

I decided to finish the edges of the triangles since I plan on having the banner for a long time. It will eventually get dirty and need to be washed. 🙂 I serged around the edges but you could also zig zag of use pinking shears. You do not have to serge the short side of the triangle as it will be iniside the bias tape.

Decide if you want to do a pattern (like I did) or randomly. Place them in order and you are ready to sew.

Open up the bias tape and place the edge of the triangle inside. Sew on top of the bias tape.

Hang up your banner and enjoy! You can make the banner any length. Mine is 6 yards long (18 ft.).

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