Sew a Travel Cloth High Chair

8 Dec

It was wonderful having along a travel high chair on our recent trip to Florida. 🙂

I just got home from a wonderful Daddy/Daughter week-long trip to Florida.  (Eli went too).  The night before I left it occurred to me that I don’t have a high chair in Florida.  I didn’t want to spend the money to buy one just for while we are there but I also didn’t want to struggle with my wiggle worm for a whole week trying to feed him on my lap.  I remembered seeing a portable high chair that you tied to a chair in some baby boutique store online.  There wasn’t time to order such a thing but I thought I bet I could sew something that would work.  I looked around online and adapted  this mama sew’s stuff’s to what I had on hand.  I wish I would have thought to make something like this sooner.  It would have been really handy to have.  Especially when we were just going over to dinner at a friend’s house.  Since it is cloth it rolls right up and could easily be stored in a diaper bag.

First make your patterns out of Pattern Ease or Newspaper.  Make a rectangle 37″ X 7″ this is the waist belt, one 19″ X 11.5″ this is the seat and the third one (the connector piece) 4.5″ X 3″.  For the belt mark the center of the length and mark 2.5″ on each side.  This will be where the connector piece is inserted.  Also mark the center on one of the short sides of the seat and note the 2.5″ mark on each side. I also rounded the edges of the seat and belt by using a juice cup as I thought it gave it a nicer finished look.  You will need 2 pieces of fabric and batting.  (I actually used part of a sheet I cut up and a curtain panel.)  Quilted fabric would also be great for this but it is kind of expensive. 

I like to cut out all of the pieces at once to save time. I like to place the batting on the inside before pinning down my pattern pieces.

Pin down pattern pieces and cut out.


To sew the waist belt place the 2 fabric pieces right sides together and the batting on top. Sew all around the edges leaving 3" open. Sew the seat in the same manner.

Turn right side out. Press the seat and waist belt pieces with an iron.

For the connector place the pieces right sides together and sew down each long side. Turn right side out and topstitch along edges.

Insert the connector piece into the opening of the seat and waist belt. Pin in place. Sew in place. I also reinforced this by sewing it a couple of times.

Cut a piece of velcro 2" X 5". Place a piece of velcro 1.5" from the edge of the waist belt. Sew the scratchy side to the outside of the belt.

Sew the soft side to the inside. Make sure before you sew this on that when you fold up the high chair it will attach to the scratchy side.

Insert baby and enjoy! Here Elijah tries it out right before our flight. Doesn't he look sleepy. 🙂

One Response to “Sew a Travel Cloth High Chair”

  1. melinda December 9, 2010 at 5:00 am #

    I hve the smartest daughter in law!! Glad you had fun and we will see you in a few short sleeps 🙂

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