Sew a Coloring Case For Your Little Artist

30 Nov

She loved it!

Are you looking for a simple creative gift to make this Holiday season?  Sew up a coloring case for the little artist in your life.  I recently made one for my five year old cousin and it was quite a hit!  I actually had something similar growing up that I remember enjoying a lot.  It was great having my crayons together with my coloring book so I didn’t have to go find crayons when I wanted to color. You will need 1/2 yard of fabric , thread, and matching double fold bias tape.  Either choose a sturdy fabric like I did or you may want to line the bag and use batting for added support.  Upholstery fabric scraps would also work great for this project.

Cut a piece of fabric 12.5" X 38". Also cut 2 strips of fabric 12.5" X 3"

Sew bias tape to the short ends of your rectangle. I like to use double fold bias tape as it seems the easiest to work with.

Fold down the right side 8" and pin in place. Fold the left side down 12" and pin in place. Sew along the top and bottom.

To make the crayon holders fold down 4" on the left side and sew along the top and bottom. Then sew a straight line every 1" a little bit shorter than the length of your crayon as shown. (You could also use colored pencils or markers). This only holds 11 crayons but no one ever uses white anyway. If you would like for it to hold 12 increase the dimensions to 14X38.

With right sides together sew each tube using a tiny seam allowance (1/4"). Turn right side out and sew across ends. Press handles.

Attach handles to bag.

Insert crayons and a new coloring book and you are finished!

Notes: You could also easily sew a pocket on the opposite side from the crayons.  I am looking forward to making one for Eli whenever he learns to color.  Right now he just eats crayons. 🙂  I think this would be a great thing to take along on car rides to Grandmas.


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