How to Feed a Baby

6 Nov

Eljah enjoying some chicken at 10.5 months

Are you a new mom completely overwhelmed at the idea of beginning solids?  Have you walked down the baby food row at your local grocery confused at where to begin or have you nearly had heart failure when you picked up a tiny little jar and saw the price.  The other day I decided to buy Eli a jar or two of baby food but I nearly had a heartattack when I saw the prices!  Even with a great coupon baby food costs at least .50 a jar with organic baby food costing closer to .79 a jar!  No way!  I bought one jar and headed back home encouraged in my pursuit of making baby food. 

The good news is that for the first six months your baby only needs breastmilk or formula as it provides all of the nutrients that your baby needs.  Talk with your pediatrician but most agree that it is safe to start solids when your baby is six months old.  I think it is also a good idea to probably wait until they can sit up by themselves.  I’ll never forget the first couple of times we fed Elijah food.  Honestly it was pretty disappointing because he couldn’t have cared less.  Some babies do not appear very interested in food until closer to their first birthday. 

Elijah working on some self-feeding

At almost 11 months old Elijah eats a couple of times a day but still is not super interested.  In the past month I have really noticed an increase in his interest level.  We pretty much keep Elijah’s meals to fruits and vegetables with a little meat thrown in.  At this point he has eaten almost every vegetable (except broccoli) and a good variety of fruits (not including any type of berry).  I do make the majority of Elijah’s baby food.  We do purchase a couple of jars per month to keep on hand but try to read the labels and purchase food without additional fillers such as flours, preservatives, or other chemicals.  If the idea of making your own baby food still has you scared look for some already food that has already been made into a puree in the regular section of your grocery.  Ex: pumpkin or applesauce.  Most of the time they do not have additional ingredients and would be great to feed to your baby.  Whenever I open a can of pumpkin I usually pull out a tablespoon or so to give to Eli that day.  (He loves pumpkin.)

I like to make a batch of baby food up about every other week or every week. 

  1. Select my fruit, vegetable, or combination.  Then I would cook the food by lightly steaming or baking in the oven.
  2. Next I either use a blender to puree the ingredients or use the KidCo Baby Food Mill.  At about $12 this pays for itself very quickly.  Basically to use the mill you just insert the cooked food in one hand and turn the crank at the top.   Pureed baby food is ready in a matter of seconds.

KidCo Food Mill

I like to make a bunch at once.  I take the baby food and place it in an ice-cube tray.  You could also make little plops (like you would when making cookies) on a cookie sheet.  After they are frozen I simply place them in a plastic bag with the date.  You may want to also include what the food is as it can be quite hard to tell the difference between frozen squash, carrots, and pumpkin. 

We purchased the Tommy Tippee 4-pack food pots (BPA FREE) and they have been great.  (Don’t worry Eli’s are blue and green not pink!)  🙂  Each morning I decide what Elijah will be eating that day say for example it was pumpkin.  I just pull out an ice-cube of pumpkin out of my bag in the freezer and place it in one of these pots.  If I leave it out on the counter it will have melted enough by lunch time.  These are nice and small and easily hold one large ice-cube.  We also sometimes take them along with us in our diaper bag. 

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

One of my favorite baby feeding utensils is the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder.   It is so convenient and very affordable ($5-6 for 2).  You just add food and your baby can chomp away to his heart’s content.  Sometimes we also feed Eli a frozen ice cube of food in this.  He can slober all over it for a while and seems to really enjoy it! 

Eli enjoying the Munchkin Feeder

Honestly feeding puree baby foods has never been something that I really enjoy.  Now that Elijah can easily pick things up we have started giving him tiny pieces of cut up food.  We also try to encourage him to feed himself with a spoon.  For that we really like the Sassy Less Mess Training Spoon.  If you look closely you at the picture you will see that there are guards on BOTH ends of the spoon so that Elijah does not choke himself on the spoon.  So far he is doing pretty good with it. 

Sassy Less Mess Training Spoon - Sassy  - Babies"R"Us

We haven’t been able to find a suction cup bowl or plate that Elijah can’t pick up.  He is one strong little boy!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Right now we just plan on giving him a bath after he eats! 🙂 

That’s about it so far on my experience feeding a baby.  After Elijah’s birthday we plan on introducing some more foods so stay tuned for more ideas this December.  I’m sure there will be some actual recipes as I work on making some healthy toddler snacks next year. 🙂


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