Leaves Crunch: October at the Emerson Home

4 Nov

Trunk or Treat 2010

Wow we thought September was busy for us and then October came around!  It sure has been a crazy month but it has been full of fun as you can see.  We all dressed up and took part in our church’s Trunk or Treat on Sunday night which was lots of fun.  This was a first for both Brandon and I.  Eli had a great time walking around and seeing all the people.  He sure loves people! 

Elijah at the WoolFest-it's sad to say but he was scared of the goats

At the beginning of the month I was blessed to spend time with my family/friends at the Wool Fest.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it the Wool Fest is a big festival in Falmouth, Ky near where I grew up.  25,000 people come to it annually making it quite a big deal.  We walked around looking at all the exhibits and purchased a small gift for Brandon for Christmas.  We also spent some time helping (kind of) at the petting zoo.  Elijah enjoyed watching the animals but whenever one got too close he would get scared and wimper.

Katelyn (my sister) with Elijah and Anna (Anna is my cousin-isn't she cute)

It was really fun to watch Elijah and Anna interact at the Wool Fest.  How neat that they will get to grow up together having someone so close to their age for the holidays!  I never had a cousin close in age and always thought it would have been such fun.  This month has been unusual in that I have been able to spend a lot of time with my family.  Thanks in part to the dentist-I went home to go to the dentist twice and my family has lunch at our home when they go to the orthodontist. 

We bundled up and enjoyed some of the festivities in downtown Frankfort one afternoon to celebrate the World Equestrian Games coming to town.

The cold weather didn't stop us from taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood

We have continued to enjoy long walks to the library, around the zoo, and in downtown Frankfort where we attended a celebration for the WEG being in town. 

Old youth group buddies and two of our sweet youth workers at Sarah's shower.

I attended a shower for a childhood friend who is getting married next month.  It was great catching up with many of the sweet girls who were a part of my own youth group growing up.  We also were blessed to invite our youth group from church into our home which was so fun.  Part of our desire as a family is to use our home as a place of ministry to others in our life. 

I have continued to enjoy being mommy to my little side kick who is growing so very fast and so much fun to take on all of my many adventures!  He can crawl so fast and is cruising like crazy.  Any day now I think he is going to let go of the coffee table and take off! 

We were so blessed to be able to buy a new roof for our house!

Our house got a new look as we were able to get a new roof this month.  I am so thankful that we have it but so glad that I am done getting bids and dealing with contractors.  Doesn’t it look great?  We are planning on painting the shutters soon any color suggestions? 

I was also blessed to be able to spend some good time with my dear friend Sarah Burton and my sister Rebekah who both stayed with us this month.  We love having guests in our home so please plan to come visit! 

Lots of schoolwork-reading books and writing papers has taken up a good amount of my time this month.  I also have greatly enjoyed tutoring a girl for both the ACT and SAT this past month.  (I worked as tutor for 6 years prior to getting married.)  I have also been sewing some gifts, cooking more new dishes, enjoying time with friends, reading, and experimenting with different bread recipes (more of that to come soon). 

Precious what else is there to say?

October Reading Recommendations:

  • Family Driven Faith-by Voddie Bauchaum-this will make you evaluate the manner in which your family and your church is teaching your child about Christ.  A must read for any parent.
  • Skin Deep: natural remedies for healthy skin and hair by Margaret Dinsdale.  This book was so good I found myself hesitant to give it back to the library after having it for over a month.  Not only does it describe various herbs but it provides fun and easy do it yourself recipes to try at home.  This is a book that I would recommend to add to your list of books to purchase.  It was great!

What have been some of your favorite memories of October?


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  1. Mom November 5, 2010 at 3:23 am #

    Voddie Bauchman has another book I am wanting to read. It called “What He Must Be if He wants to marry my daughter”. Sounds great! Here is a link to a review of it:

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