Why You Should Wear Your Baby and Reviews

2 Nov

Elijah and I enjoying the Wool Fest in an Ergo Carrier

Do you find yourself finding trouble to get everything done each day?  Are you frustrated by how much your baby seems to need to be held?  If so then I would greatly encourage you to check out Babywearing.  What in the world is babywearing?  Well it is simply wearing or carrying your baby or toddler using a cloth carrier.  If you start looking around when you are out I bet you will find someone wearing their baby.  I am convinced that wearing Elijah often makes us both happier, less frazzled, and more peaceful.  Right now in the short minute or two that it took to type the few sentences following this Elijah has fallen asleep on my back.  Babywearing allows me the joy of holding Elijah close while at the same time freeing up my hands to be doing something else.  I have everything in this carrier from cooking dinner, cleaning, homework, to actually teaching a Girl’s Bible Study.  🙂

There are many baby carriers on the market.  Just start doing a couple of google searches and you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed.  You can actually wear your baby using a piece of cloth or even a tablecloth.  (Brandon is horrified at the idea of our tablecloth going from table to Eli but I don’t see why.)  Babywearing is more of a skill to be learned.  It is probably the easiest to learn from a friend but there are also numerous YouTube videos out there to help you.

My Aunt Christy and cousin Anna trying it out

I first started out babywearing on my little brothers and sisters.  I don’t remember the first one that I wore around but I do have some vivid memories of carrying Rebekah-from Black Friday shopping with Mom to long walks up and down our driveway.  Another great thing about babywearing is that it isn’t just for Moms-everyone can be involved! 

Hiking Pinnacle Mountain with Grandpa Steve

If you are looking to purchase a babycarrier I would first start asking around to see which types your friends have enjoyed.  Also check to see if there is a natural momma type of store which would have some carriers that you could try on.  If you live near Lexington Mother Nurture store is a wonderful resource.  They helped me try on a couple of different carriers with Elijah which was great!  My two favorite carriers of all time would have to be the Ergo Carrier pictured above and the Moby. 

My first baby carriers were an Infantino Snuggli and an Infantino Sling.  I liked the sling a lot for the first couple weeks until it was recalled.  The Snuggli pictured below worked great until Eli was about 13 pounds and then started to hurt my shoulders so I began researching other carriers.   

The Infantino Snuggli-worked great until 13 pounds.



After the above sling was recalled and the Snuggli carrier began hurting my shoulders after a while I began researching other baby carriers.  Then I found the Moby!  Although it may look rather different it is the most comfortable thing ever.  I wish I had skipped the Snugli and Sling and just bought a Moby!   This carrier was amazing for getting Eli to sleep when he was little.  For the first couple months Eli was pretty fussy in the evenings so this was wonderful!  The only down side is that it can be a bit warm so I did not wear it much this summer.   I have heard that they even sell these at Target now.  If you are looking for a great baby shower gift I would consider buying a Moby for someone.  For a small baby the Moby is my favorite.
When the baby starts to get a little bigger I recommend the Ergo carrier.  Although they do make a newborn insert for it I have not tried it.  (We purchased it when Elijah was 5 months old).  It is ergonomically designed to feel wonderful even after a couple of hours!  I find myself wearing Eli for at least a couple of hours each day and this is what I frequently turn to.  It is fast to put on compared to the Moby.  Elijah absolutely loves it!  Whenever I head out without it I definitely regret it! 
For more information check out:

LLBean Frame Carrier that was given to us-wonderful for hiking or long walks.


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