Our Little Reader

31 Oct

Eli loves his books almost as much as his daddy

The other day I stumbled upon Brandon and Elijah curled up in the comfy chair enjoying a board book.  How precious is this?  We have been reading to Eli since before he was born-okay actually we only read him one story while he was in the womb-it was kind of weird.  I wish I could have captured for you all Elijah yesterday.  We have this huge blue basket of board books.  Eli took each book out until he was surrounded by books.  Then he picked up each one of them individually and looked at them.  He even turned the pages on some of them!  🙂  It was just too cute.  Now if I could only teach him how to put them back in the basket.  (I’ve tried but I think he needs another month?)  Anybody know when Elijah should be able to put things back in a basket?  I’m looking forward to this day! 

Eli sure is blessed with a great Dad!


I love watching my Dad around Elijah.  It’s hard to describe exactly how awesome it is!  The other day we were blessed to have my Dad here with us for lunch.  While I was cleaning up Eli somehow found his way in his Papaw’s lap.  🙂  The next thing I knew I found them like this. 

For more encouragement on reading to your children check out: The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease.  No doubt it will inspire you to carve out more time to read to your children no matter how old they are.  (You should be able to find this book at your local library).  Rather than setting aside an hour to read to Elijah every day we read a couple of books every couple of hours.  This is a great break for me in my busy day and a great way to spend time with my little man.

When did he get so grown up?

2 Responses to “Our Little Reader”

  1. Rachel Broering November 1, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    Amanda, Your mom forwarded us the link to your blog. Ok, I admit I have never read any blog before. I have really enjoyed yours today. Eli is beautiful. Your pictures are great. I’m so glad you seem to be having such a good time with your baby and married life. Take care, hope to see you at Thanksgiving. Aunt Rachel

    • emersonfamily November 1, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

      I’m so glad you are enjoying it! I am really enjoying married life and being a mom. We are looking forward to catching up with everyone at Thanksgiving! Know that we are daily praying for you all.

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