Grins and Giggles: A Weekend with Rebekah (my baby sister)

26 Oct

Bekah loved pushing Elijah on our many outings this past week

Tonight there is this strange quietness in my house because my sweet sister Bekah has went home.  We were blessed to have her visit with us for a long extended weekend and it was so much fun!  (We are hoping my other sister might be able to come visit sometime this fall too!)  I don’t know the last time I watched so many kiddie/girlie movies and got to enjoy a little girl enjoying life close up.  I don’t think I will ever forget Rebekah roller skating in her skirt in our cul-de-sac.  It was priceless.  To me Rebekah just epitomizes what a little nine year old girl should be like. 

Eli bundled up ready for another walk with Bekah. I think she enjoyed the "jogging" part of the stroller a lot more than we did. Eli had this look on his face that said it all.

On Friday night we took Bekah on a trek to the library and she loved it.  Since she lives a good 30 min+ from the library she said it  was really neat to be able to walk to the library.  We enjoyed perusing the library checking out some books and movies.  On the way back Brandon surprised us by treating us to DQ.  We are always tempted to stop by DQ on the way back from the library but this was our first time to actually do it!  What a fun treat! 

I caught Rebekah reading Elijah a book we checked out from the library-how cute is this?

After our library adventure we headed to Lexington and took a meal to a family from my church.  It was wonderful to see their little miracle baby.  We picked out some fabric @ JoAnns and were amazingly restrained at the store buying only the material to make a baby blanket for a girl in my church.

The finished baby blanket

On Saturday we sewed the blanket and spent a lazy morning at home while Brandon was at Upward.  Then later we went exploring in Midway-went for a walk, listened to an outdoor band, and found ourselves at a playground.  Yesterday Bekah went with us to church and got to experience the Children’s Ministry at Forks first hand.  She was even so sweet as to go to a baby shower with me.  Needless to say we had quite the fun weekend!  It was kind of different for me hanging out with someone all weekend who could talk back in coherent sentences!  I wonder what Elijah is going to be like when he talks all the time??


One Response to “Grins and Giggles: A Weekend with Rebekah (my baby sister)”

  1. Aunt Carolyn October 30, 2010 at 9:28 pm #

    What a delightful story. I am enjoying reading your blog. The picutures really tell the story and capture the happiness of the moment.

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