The Untapped Resource-Your Local Library

18 Oct

My local library is very nice.

When was the last time that you visited the local library?  Has it been days, weeks, months, years, have you ever been?  For me growing up the library was one of my favorite places to visit.  As a little girl it just seemed like any book that I wanted could be found at this magical place called the library.  Today I have learned that our local library might not have every single book that I would like to read, but if it doesn’t they will order it for me for FREE!  That’s right it doesn’t cost a thing!  How cool is that?  Our family has saved tons of money borrowing books instead of buying. Often times I find myself finishing a book and thinking well that was okay but I sure am glad I didn’t pay $15 for it! 

Some libraries even offer online resources or allow you to print copies for free.  When I lived in Louisville you could print 150 pages for free which saved me 15.00 a month!  Many libraries also subscribe to newspapers and various magazines (which you can check out).  While visiting a friend in TN a couple of years ago I was reminded of just how cool the library was when we spent a leisurely Saturday morning there reading magazines and talking (quietly).  Many libraries also have private rooms which can be reserved free of charge or private study rooms.  When Elijah was just a few months old and we didn’t have internet at our house these study rooms were perfect for us.  I would put Elijah in the stroller or front pack and would sit in one of the study rooms watching lectures for my classes. 

As our family continually tries to live a more frugal lifestyle in order that we may give more generously we continually find the library to be one of our favorite places.  I’ve even turned Brandon into a huge fan with all of the free dvds available (just remember to return them on time).  Most libraries offer free activities from infant/preschool story hours to creative classes for adults.  A couple of times a month Elijah and I enjoy Toddler Tales which is so much fun.  I also check out at least 5 books for Eli so I am not reading the same books over and over.  One of our families favorite activities is actually to walk 2 miles to the library and come home with our library bag stuffed full. 

The next time your tax bill comes in the mail take a close look at it.  Whether you ever step foot in the door you pay for the local library so plan a trip to your local library!  What are your favorite things about the library?


One Response to “The Untapped Resource-Your Local Library”

  1. Renee October 19, 2010 at 12:17 pm #

    i LOVE our local library! i use the interlibrary loan to request whatever book I want–the librarians know me by name I’m there so much, haha–and it makes my poetry-reading habit affordable! people don’t know what they’re missing when they don’t use the library!

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