Plan a Daddy Date Day

4 Oct

Daddy Date Day at the Zoo

In our home one of our favorite things is what we like to call a “Daddy Date Day.”  Before we had Elijah we just called this date day-a day that Brandon and I set aside to spend the whole day together doing things that we both love.  Now that Eli is here we like to include him.  Daddy Days can look different in each family.  The important thing to remember is just to plan a relaxing day that you can all spend time together talking and enjoying life.  Just to give you an idea here is what ours looked like on Saturday……

First we all slept in (till like 7:30 maybe) and then I made breakfast-scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins.  Then we hung out at home for a while reading, relaxing, playing, and headed to Louisville about an hour away from our house.  (We met in Louisville so it is one of our favorite places to go.)  Sometimes on a date day we will pack a picnic but this time Brandon surprised us with lunch at Olive Garden thanks to a gift card he had been saving for I don’t know how long.  Of course it was delicious and Elijah seemed to have fun.  He was greatly entertained by another baby at the next table. 

Browsing the Book Nook

Then we headed to one of our favorite bookstores-The Christian book Nook in Louisville.  (If you’ve never been you have to check it out they offer 30% ALL books and they have a lot of used books which are even cheaper.  A lot of the books we own have come from there.)  We bought a new Kay Arthur Bible Study, a couple of textbooks for school (for me), Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God, and some commentary for Brandon that’s really big.  (I don’t like big commentaries because they don’t fit in my purse and I can’t hold them in one hand and Eli in the other.)  🙂  I try to read Elijah somewhere between 5-10 books a day.  We have great hopes for him to be a reader one day! 

Louisville Zoo

Then we headed to the Louisville Zoo.  I absolutely love going to the zoo-I always have. I’ve been trying to take Brandon ever since we started dating and we finally made it.  (The sad thing is I use to live 15 minutes away from it.)  It was lots of fun even if it was a little cold out.  There were pumpkin decorations everywhere-made me want to go home and make a pumpkin pie (I didn’t.)

Enjoying the Lemurs

After hanging out for a while we headed home and spent the rest of the evening having dinner, reading, playing with Elijah, and talking.  We are so blessed thank you Lord! 

Note: Don’t think that a Daddy Date day has to cost lots of money.  It was a really special treat that we went to lunch and an activity.  Another of our favorite daddy date days or daddy date nights includes eating dinner at home and then walking 2 miles to the library.  After stuffing our library bag full we walk back and spend the evening playing/reading to Elijah, watching a free library movie, reading, going for a walk, or talking.  The important thing is just to spend time together.


2 Responses to “Plan a Daddy Date Day”

  1. Renee October 4, 2010 at 6:56 pm #

    Bryan and I haven’t been to the Louisville zoo yet! we need to go check it out while the weather is still nice!

  2. emersonfamily October 7, 2010 at 2:08 am #

    It’s a nice small zoo (nothing compared to the Cincy or Memphis Zoo) but still fun. You can see everything in just a few hours. If I hear of any special price admission days I”ll let you know. I think last year they did something where admission was only $5 if you brought a can good or something. I don’t remember when it was but it was definately coat weather. 🙂

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