Falling Leaves: September at the Emerson Home

2 Oct

How sweet when a baby falls asleep on youI thought it would be neat to write a post at the end of each month summarizing some of the things our family has been up. September has been a busy month in our home. Along with his student ministry, Brandon helps with Upward every Saturday morning now for the next 2 months or so at our church. He has man night with Elijah ever Tuesday night while Amanda takes a theology class at Southern in Louisville. (After this semester she just has one more class and hopes to graduate in May.) J Since Elijah has learned to crawl Brandon often spends Tuesday evenings taking him for a long walk to the library 2 miles away.Enjoying a park swing

Over Labor Day weekend we were blessed to spend time with both of our families which was great!  Brandon’s parents, brothers, and sister-in-law all came to visit on Saturday which was lots of fun.  We love having guests in our home and hope that it is a place that they feel welcomed and at home.  On Monday we drove up and visited Amanda’s family for the day.  We watched her brother and sister show at their county horse show and spent time hanging out with the rest of her family.  Both Rebekah and Jacob did a great job showing.  Needless to say we were all really tired after the weekend was over (especially Elijah) but had so much fun.  Truly it is always a blessing when we can spend time with family.  

This picture does not even capture the true delight that Eli finds in his daddy

 Amanda had a rough week of sickness (still not sure exactly what it was-either a nasty cold/flu or strep) but ever thankful for the Lord’s grace.  See former post where she recounted things she was thankful for.  She finally finished studying the book of Colossians and is looking forward to diving into a study on an Old Testament book soon.  If you don’t know she is notorious for studying one chapter for weeks upon weeks which means that a book containing just four chapters will take her months. J  Brandon has been reminded of the greatness of God through his study of Isaiah along with reading through the entire New Testament at least once or twice. 

We continue slowly plugging along with our house as we try to make it more of “our home” while balancing the desire to be good stewards with the desire to make our home an inviting one.  There is still a long list of to-dos, but finally there are actually some pictures up on our walls and the boxes all unpacked (we think).  We are looking forward to having our roof replaced in the next week or so as well having some minor repairs done with a leak in the ceiling.  Oh the joys of being a grown up! 


Elijah has learned all sorts of tricks this month.  Not only has he mastered crawling but he can also “cruise” as he pulls himself up on furniture and takes a few steps.  It is cute to watch but boy has it made parenting harder.  Still we find Elijah to be such a joy to our hearts and are so thankful that God sent him to us.


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