How to Fix Bumgenius Diapers

27 Sep
A couple of weeks ago we purchased our first Bumgenius diapers using a gift card that I found while unpacking.  🙂  I love these diapers but they are a little more expensive than the prefold/bummis cover system that I usually use.  I like to save them for times when Brandon is watching Eli or for the church nursery.  Two weeks ago I purchased 7 used bumgenius diapers at a used cloth diaper sale at Mother Nurture in Lexington knowing that I would eventually need to replace the velcro.  This afternoon I finished fixing the rest of them and thought I would provide a tutorial on how to fix them.

I recommend purchasing the BumGenius Refresher Kits (1.00 each from Cotton Babies). They contain velcro hook/loop tabs, new laundry tabs, 3 elastic pieces and instructions.

After removing the old hook and loop tape make a sandwich with one loop piece on the top and one hook piece on the bottom. Before you sew this make sure that the way it is positioned would make it stick to the front of the diaper! 🙂


Stitch your sandwich together starting as the picture illustrates. Go around the tab 2x and make sure to backtrack.


Locate the laundry tabs. Simply place a new laundry tab over existing laundry tab. The new tab is slightly larger so this is easy. (I don't think it is worth ripping out the old one just sew one over top.)


Next the scary part. Make a small hole in the soft cloth fabric at both ends where the elastic has worn out. Remove elastic.

Take the new elastic and attach it to a safety pin and then thread it through the small hole. Then I like to use a zig zag stitch to attach the elastic and sew across the hole in the same step. Note a botkin tool will be too large you will need a tiny safety pin.

The finished product!

Notes: I did not replace the soft velcro located on the front of the diaper.  It looks a little worn on my diapers but still looks great. When I do need to replace it I will be using the Celtic Cloth velcro as it is far superior in quality to anything that a local fabric store sells.  I went ahead and replaced the elastic in all of my diapers but your tabs might wear out before your elastic needs replacing.  After the first diaper I would say they took 30 minutes each to fix.


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