Really? Blessing God @ all times: What I learned last week

15 Sep

Sweet Elijah at 9 months!  He was so great while his mommy wasn't feeling well

How appropriate that last Monday the verse I chose to meditate on (think about deeply without the legs folded posture and ums) on was Psalm 34:1 “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”  No doubt I would say that most people would agree that it’s easy to praise God when life is going great but it’s a little harder to say God you are awesome when troubles come our way.  Well last Monday night after pondering this verse I had a pretty rough night being up every hour or two sick.  After the virus passed it turned into a bad cold with chills, headaches, cough, cold, congestion, plugged ears and yesterday it felt like I swallowed a brillo pad.  What a great opportunity God has provided me with to live out this verse-blessing God @ all times.  I feel like this week has been a great one in the sense that I have really been able to sit back and count my blessings while I think about my priorities. 

Things I’m Thankful for this week:

  1. A great God who has blessed me beyond measure even though I deserve none of His grace.  He has sustained me in ways that only He can and blessed me with a relatively good spirit in the midst of not feeling well.
  2. The most wonderful husband ever who has spent the majority of his free time tending sweetly to me in a number of ways from watching Elijah to driving late @ night to buy me earache medicine when my ear hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep. 
  3. A great son Elijah who was miraculously good this past week and brought a smile to my face often throughout the day.
  4. Our church family it was great knowing that they were praying and one sweet family even brought us dinner.
  5. Friends and Family for those who called to check on me and for those whom I still haven’t called back-they are so patient and understanding.
  6. For Exersaucers and Johnny Jump Ups-which allowed me a short rest from saying “Elijah no don’t touch that!” 
    This week has also made me think of ways I can encourage others when they are sick.  I think I am more excited than ever about helping others to bear their burdens.  What are some ways that God has used others to bless you during times of sickness?

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