The Baby Bib that went from bad to worse-I hate bias tape!

9 Sep

It’s hard to believe that in all my years of sewing I have never made a baby bib!  Well yesterday I decided to change that.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I actually bought a pattern McCalls 6108 for it-my logic was that I would like to try some appliques in the future and this pattern contained 6 or so that looked pretty simple and cute.  You could easily google a free bib pattern on the internet or simply trace around a bib that is a good size for the child who you are making the bib for.  I made the size medium for this pattern.

For this pattern you will need 1/2 yard of your fabric, 1/2 yard of batting (not pictured), thread, velcro, and bias tape to match.

You can either use the same fabric for the back of the bib or else you will need another 1/2 yard of fabric.  I used a cream scrap piece of muslin that I had but you could also easily make the bib reversible.  I’m pretty sure we will be making a cute reversible bib in the future! 

Next you want to lay your pattern out on your fabric. If a pattern piece does not need to be on the fold then I always place it as close to the selvage as possible saving the part of the fabric near the fold for another project. Measure the grain lines and cut out.

Next cut out your batting. I didn't measure the grain lines at all. (The little pink and purple things are pattern weights which actually do not work well for cutting out batting.) Unless you are going to do an applique I do not think the batting is really that necessary. It is much harder to sew with it so if you are relatively new to sewing definitely skip the batting!

If you are using batting sew the batting and back piece together. Just skip this step if you are skipping the batting.

Next sew the front part of the bib to the back of the bib with the wrong sides of the fabric together 1/4" from the edge. It is really important that you sew very close to the edge.

Next the hard part-where the bib started to go bad! Apply the bias tape to all of the edges sewing VERY slowly. It might help to trim the edges very close to the seam before adding the bias tape. Although the pattern called for 1/4" wide double fold bias tape I think that 1/2" would have made the project much easier. Next time I will be using the 1/2".

The last step is just to add the velcro to the top. Remember to place the soft side on the front of the bib and the rough side on the back of the other side so that the bib will close.

The little guy who made it worth the fight with the bias tape

2 Responses to “The Baby Bib that went from bad to worse-I hate bias tape!”

  1. Ann September 9, 2010 at 5:21 pm #

    I think I have a bias tape foot. It kinda holds the tape open so the fabric edge goes into it easier! Remind me to look for it!

  2. Amanda September 10, 2010 at 1:06 am #

    That sounds great! There has to be an easier way it took me forever and doesn’t even look that great. 😦

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