Quick and Easy Crib Sheet

30 Aug

The other day I was fed up with the state of Elijah’s sheets.  He’s only 8 months old but already one of his sheets had shrunk so much that it was almost impossible to get onto his bed.  I realized that it was ridiculous spending 5 minutes every time I changed his bedding so I decided enough was enough.  I thought about buying another sheet but all of the reasonably priced sheets are a plain solid color and the coordinating sheets to Eli’s Pottery Barn Kids sailboat nursery are quite pricey.  It was so easy!  Why in the world did I ever buy sheets to begin with!  To make your own follow the directions that follow:

You can either use 2 yards of fabric or an old sheet like I did.  If you are using an old sheet I would recommend making the newspaper pattern.  It makes it easier to cut out the sheet.  Also, if using a fitted sheet (I did) I would cut off all of the elastic and place it down on the floor flat.  In the picture below I ran out of newspaper for the middle of my pattern but it should measure 43X68 after it is cut out.

I made a pattern by taping our local newspaper together 43X68. You could also just measure it but I found the newspaper pattern made it much easier since I was repurposing an old sheet.

Next I took a piece of cardstock and made an 8X8 square. Then cut out 4 8" squares, one on each corner.

This is what your sheet should now look like with the corners cut off. Eli was helping me make the sheet. 🙂

Next you are going to make the pocket by taking the sides that were just cut out (the 8X8 square spot) and sewing them together with a seam allowance of 1/2". Then you want to serge or finish all of the edges.

You will need to cut 4 10-inch pieces of elastic one for each of the pockets. You really only need elastic around the pockets. Take one of the pieces of elastic that you have cut and fold it in half. Then place it along the seam line. Using a zig zag stitch sew the elastic in place stretching as you go.

Tada!  You are finished.  Add a cute mushy mommy label if you would like and your baby is ready to enjoy!


4 Responses to “Quick and Easy Crib Sheet”

  1. Ann August 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    It really looks nice! So proud of you for figuring this out! Love Mom

    • emersonfamily September 8, 2010 at 6:16 pm #

      Aww thanks! Thanks for teaching me to sew and for being so patient with all of my “frog” sewing- rippit out rippit out. I’ll have to make a flannel one in a couple months.

  2. Melinda Emerson August 31, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    Eli has such a brilliant mother!!

    • emersonfamily September 8, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

      Nope just a thrifty momma! I really enjoyed making it and I”m sure we will be making a couple more in the future.

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